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Music Theory: The Basics You Need to Make Better Music

Autor: Anthony Rubin
Sprecher: Sean Rhead
Spieldauer: 4 Std. und 5 Min.

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Simple, easy-to-understand, and to-the-point way of learning Music Theory...Great for composers, nerds, instrument players, or complete beginners.

Why Music Theory?

Music has fully consumed our lives yet we don’t give much of a thought to it...

We sing songs, play musical instruments, dance to our favorite tunes, and enjoy spontaneous beats hitting our ear drums yet we never wonder how music actually works?

If you’re a reasoning mind who wants to deconstruct music and see how it all fits’ve picked the right audiobook...

Music theory is a universal concept that applies to all musical instruments whether it’s a piano, guitar, drums, flutes, saxophones, or any other you can think off...All of them have this unified theory working in full harmony.

What makes this audiobook different?

There are plenty of books out there on music theory but none of them are easy to understand. In fact, they overwhelm you and eventually you’ll hate picking up the subject in the first place.

You’ll find this audiobook simple and to the point.

There are absolutely no fluff words to increase the audiobook length unnecessarily. All the important information is included yet nothing is dragged beyond what needs to be said...

If you are looking for a quick crash course on music theory without getting overwhelmed by complex terminology...this is it! 

A quick sneak peak of what you will learn:

  • The importance of learning music
  • Basic constructs of music like rhythm, melody, harmony
  • Music as a language instead of mathematical formulas
  • What is a sound, pitch, note, timbre, and tone
  • Mastering the intervals
  • Three walls of music
  • What makes a great melody
  • Scales, modes, chords, and modulation
  • Time, beat, bar, and tempo
  • Importance of having a good rhythm
  • Composition
  • More ways of creating movement in music
  • And much more…

Who should listen to this audiobook?

  • Any instrument player, who wants to up there musical talent
  • Complete beginners, who are new to music and want to learn the basic principles
  • Music composers so that musicians can talk to each other in common lingo
  • Nerds, who loves to take things apart and make something logical even out of spontaneous stuff

Buy your copy today and become the musician you always dreamed of!

©2020 Anthony Rubin (P)2020 Anthony Rubin

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