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    What you'll learn:

    • Why marketing starts when the pad hits the paper! 
    • How to create engaging marketing images for FREE. 
    • How to create lyric cards and videos to promote your music. 
    • Sell your music without sounding like a salesman. 
    • Four secrets to hitting the Billboard Charts without getting signed or being a household name! 
    • How to create a marketing plan that ensures your song is successful. 
    • How to build up the courage and thick skin you need to make it in the music industry. (I'll share how I overcame all the rejection emails and doors slammed in my face.) 
    • Action steps...take the 10x challenge to create a massive buzz about your music - new or old. The four phases for hitting the billboard charts with every album release plus how to submit your songs to Spotify editorial playlists with maximum success.

    Chapter 1 - Pre-Launching Your Song

    Chapter 2 - Creating Assets To Market and Promote Your Songs

    Chapter 3 - Promoting Your Songs Via Your Email List and Getting on Podcasts

    Chapter 4 - Marketing Your Music On Social Media (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Spotify)

    Chapter 5 - How To Get Press and Out of The Box Marketing Ideas

    Chapter 6 - The 10x Challenge To Daily Growing Your Fanbase

    Chapter 7 - How To Hit The Billboard Charts With Every Album You Release

    Chapter 8 - Bonus Resources

    ©2018 Chris Greenwood (P)2020 Chris Greenwood

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