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    Tales of murder and darkness have a way of both terrifying and enthralling us.

    The line between man and monster is never as definitive or sturdy as we’d like to think. When seemingly ordinary people cross the line between normal behavior and violent acts, it raises the question: What were they thinking? Can your own mind be the key to becoming a monster?

    What we think, or more importantly, what we believe, can push the boundaries of normal into darkness in unimaginable ways. Whether the beliefs come from misinterpreting organized religion, holding too tightly to old folklore, or letting your imagination run wild, the danger is evident for those unable to keep their minds in check. Murderous Minds, Volume 4 follows six chilling stories of faith and imagination gone too far. It’s a dangerous reality that has reappeared decades after a decade with deadly results for those unfortunate enough to wander too close to the flame. The killers of this anthology have the charisma to convince others of impossible things, and the insanity to hold those beliefs themselves. These belief systems come at a high price, especially for the victims of belief-motivated crimes.

    What old-world folklore would drive a man to murder his wife in front of her family? What happens when two teenage girls believe their parents are the only thing stopping them from ruling another dimension? How did a middle-aged housewife convince an entire community that it was a psychic gift predicting the deaths of her neighbors rather than deliberate doses of arsenic? Does the fear of witchcraft still put lives in danger decades after it stopped being tried in court?

     These stories and others explore the ways that the human mind can be manipulated into carrying out unfathomable acts of violence and depravity under the guise of strong indoctrinated beliefs. When evil can come from inside your own head, family, friends, neighbors, and even strangers are not safe. Get your copy today and see how these six tales of strange beliefs turned into horrific murders.

    ©2019 Sea Vision Publishing, LLC (P)2019 Sea Vision Publishing, LLC

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