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    Most of us feel safe in our homes and communities. We consider the familiar to be secure, which puts us at ease when moving through the environments we visit most. What if the security of your home offers is a lie? What if the people closest to you remain in your life with sinister intent? If a home can become a slaughterhouse, should we ever feel safe?

    These six terrifying stories tell the fates of individuals who missed critical details in their homes, oversights resulting in deadly consequences. Evil can hide within the walls of our comfortable lives without our consent or notice.

    Each of these tales follows men and women who were shocked to learn that the greatest threat to their safety was living alongside them without their knowledge. There is no common time or place - no connecting thread to blame for the victims’ misfortune.

    From Post-World War I Germany to 1930’s Hollywood to modern day Massachusetts, families have found that it is impossible to truly know even the most familiar of surroundings. When small details are brushed aside or justified with superstition, the room is left for real monsters to slip within the walls.

    Get this audiobook today and explore the stories that perhaps will alert you in time to avoid a similar fate.

    ©2019 Sea Vision Publishing, LLC (P)2019 Sea Vision Publishing, LLC

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