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    What goes on in the mind of a murderous killer? What is it about some people that lead them to commit murder? Is there something that is different, or is it simply a switch that gets turned?

    Murderous Minds: Stories of Real Life Murderers That Escaped the Headlines offers a look into the lives of individuals who committed heinous acts of evil but managed to avoid the media storm that usually accompanies them.

    Inside, you will hear about people like:

    • Sante Kimes, a 65-year-old mother who was driven by greed and committed multiple murders with her son
    • Robert James Acremant, the MBA graduate who murdered three people in order to continue getting lap dances from a stripper with whom he became infatuated 
    • Larry Gene Ashbrook, who became deluded into thinking strangers were accusing him of murder. When he could not take in anymore, he carried out a massacre at the Wedgwood Baptist Church

    Each story harbors its own distinct narrative and reasoning for the perpetrators of these heinous crimes, along with the background to the case, their lives, and the aftermath of their actions.

    Sometimes, the truth is more appalling than anything fiction can provide, and Murderous Minds proves it once again!

    Get your copy now and get inside the minds of murderers like never before!

    ©2018 Sea Vision Publishing (P)2018 Sea Vision Publishing

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