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    When the lawmakers are more lawless than the criminals they claim to catch, what can the honest citizens of Settler Springs do? Cracking this case for Kelly Armello is no longer an option - the future of Settler Springs rests on her investigations. 

    Will librarian amateur sleuth Kelly Armello and her faithful partner Troy uncover the mystery in time, or will the dark underbelly of the quiet, unassuming town catch up with them to finish them off?  

    So begins Kelly’s biggest case yet, one that brings her closer to Settler’s suspicious deaths than ever before. Right to her doorstep!  

    Prevaricating police chiefs, Machiavellian mayors, furtive old flames, and insidious indictments. Secret sleuthing, fearless finding, and romantic attachments. All mixed up in an edge-of-your-seat cozy brew that will keep you guessing to the end.  

    Listen to Murder Is a Smoking Gun today, and join Kelly and Troy in their most important cozy town mystery yet.

    ©2020 PureRead Ltd (P)2021 PureRead Ltd

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