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    My job as a private investigator is always interesting but the moment that Spencer Lawson walked into my office was the moment things became even more intriguing than usual.

    Mr. Lawson was not like my typical clients. He was smart, attractive and clearly very wealthy. He was the type of client I was willing to be "unprofessional" for, if you know what I mean.

    Only problem was, he was coming to me to get help with finding his missing wife. Which made me wonder, why come to me instead of going to the police?

    But then, after doing some digging, I discovered why.

    This is a billionaire romance with elements of mystery and suspense thrown in. Start listening now if you enjoy romances that are unpredictable. You will really not be able to guess how this one ends....

    ©2017 Kimmy Love (P)2017 Kimmy Love

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