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    There’s no monster under your bed, but there are several in this audiobook.

    From Gerald Barkley Rocks author Kyle A. Massa, Monsters at Dusk offers answers to several important questions, such as....

    • Do vampires use Snapchat?
    • What happens when a demonic cat declares war on God and Satan?
    • Is someone drinking your memories? If so, are they tasty?
    • If a mad scientist offers to build you a set of wings, should you accept?
    • Can sports franchises set in epic fantasy worlds make better hiring decisions than real ones?
    • How would the American legal system handle werewolves?
    • What is a Megrim and why does it keep stealing children?

    Balancing fantasy, science fiction, horror, and humor, each of the collection’s 10 stories concerns a different monster - some familiar, some original, some literal, some metaphorical, all strange and wonderful in their own way.

    ©2019 Kyle A. Massa (P)2021 Kyle A. Massa

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