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People who want to launch a web-based business often don't know where to start or which platforms really work. Webinars are a proven tool to generate cash flow almost instantly, and with very little investment. Listen to this audiobook and you'll have the keys to create an online cash machine using webinars, freeing you to live the life you've always dreamed of. Learn how to generate real wealth online with a webinar product launch.

In Money on Demand, you'll discover:

  • The 16 ways to use webinars to finance your entrepreneurial lifestyle
  • How to build a million-dollar web business from scratch even if you don't have a product, mailing list, or idea
  • How generate $2,000-$22,000 in 90 minutes or less
  • How to automate your sales process so you have more time to live your dream life 
  • Why you don't need to create a product before it actually sells (but get paid first)
  • The easiest and fastest ways to get other people to promote your products and services online and why you'll never have a lead or traffic-generation problem

Steven Essa spent 13 years as a professional musician before pursuing his goal of financial freedom. Through tapping into the power of setting up automated webinar campaigns, he generated over $120,000 in just 90 minutes. He became financially free (from over $1 million in debt) by building a fully automated business that leaves him time to live the life of his dreams.

Originally from Greece, Corinna Essa worked in the television industry before she learned how to leverage the Internet to create her own economy. She now owns a multimillion-dollar social marketing company, where 80 percent of the sales come from webinars.

Today, Steven and Corinna travel around the world sharing their money-on-demand system with thousands of people. Their proven system has become a number one international best seller and is responsible for generating more than $50 million in sales for clients.

©2018 Steven Essa and Corinna Essa (P)2018 Made for Success

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