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    As you shift your mindset, you will automatically feel like taking inspired action in alignment with what you want.

    So that you can manifest more money and abundance while tuning yourself into new opportunities.

    In this audiobook, you will discover the best methods to help you align your mindset and actions to the energy of money, wealth, and abundance (in a very practical way)!

    Here's exactly what you will learn:

    • How to finally free yourself from procrastination and self-sabotage, fear, and anxiety of not being/having enough (and stop blocking yourself from money and abundance)
    • How to open yourself to unlimited money opportunities you had no idea about
    • A simple formula to turn your passion and skills into an income that lasts
    • Why winning the lottery is not the only option (and why chasing it keeps you broke)
    • When traditional positive thinking makes you poor and frustrated and how wealthy people really think
    • The real ancient secret to manifesting abundance (people in power don't want you to know this secret yet they use it all the time) and how to awaken it 
    • A proven duality trick to avoid burnouts and anxiety when working your way to success and wealth

    Bonus - the shocking truth - how LOA gurus really make their money (and how you can easily remodel what they do to manifest abundance and keep amplifying your wealth).

    ©2020 Elena G. Rivers (P)2020 Elena G. Rivers

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