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    Misfits, Mystics, Love & Life is a collection of poetic works that truly takes you on a journey. From the emotional repercussions of war and broken human systems to the bliss and tumult of falling in love, Raminder Bajwa's poetry is sure to speak to your soul on multiple levels.

    Often child-like and innocent but steeped in old soul wisdom, the poems in this book are an expression of the spirit and, like all poetry, will resonate with other souls and touch on ideas and emotions deep within. Mr. Bajwa touches on vital topics, explores the emotional landscape, and encourages love and understanding through his heartfelt words.

    Excerpt from the book:

    "The night is gathering the dreams, the darkness and its troubling schemes. My lips quiver, please understand my state; How long do I need to be awake, in your wait? Tonight's the night! Don't be late. The day is breaking with birds' wings; Even my loneliness poetically sings. Alone and worried, I wait for you. To just confess that I love you." ("A Confession")

    ©2020 Raminder Bajwa (P)2020 Raminder Bajwa

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