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    "A duke by any other name! Touted as honorable and a sterling example for all young bucks to emulate, this author has it on the highest authority that a certain duke is nothing but a libertine! Grab your weekly feature to keep abreast with the duke of disgrace!"

    Christopher Worth, the duke of Carlyle, has a carefully cultivated reputation of respectability, but he possesses a dark, lustful heart that he reins in rather well. Except, someone is out to reveal him as a wicked rogue in the tongue-in-cheek articles written about him by a notorious gossip columnist. Determined to unmask this meddler in his life, he finds his heart shockingly captivated by Miss Pippa Cavanaugh.

    The hopes of marriage or the charming attractiveness of the duke of Carlyle didn't drive Pippa to pursue the most elusive catch of the season. She was out to avenge her dear friend whose heart had been callously injured. Pippa desires to reveal to society that their perfect duke is a wicked, unprincipled seducer.

    The last thing she expects is for the dratted man to turn the tables on her, engaging her in a dance of wits, soul-stealing kisses, and unexpected, sensual adventures. Soon, she must decide if he is her path to ruin or her promise of a happy ending.

    ©2019 Stacy Reid (P)2020 Stacy Reid

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