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    This book includes three manuscripts to help any individual achieve a minimalist lifestyle:

    • Minimalism: How Living on Less Means Living More Life
    • Declutter: Organize Your Home and Free Your Life from Physical Clutter
    • Stop Procrastinating: Stop Being Lazy, Break the Procrastination Habit, and Become More Productive with Your Time

    Have you always wanted to adopt a minimalist lifestyle, but never knew how? With over 50,000 Google searches a month, the minimalism movement skyrocketed into the mainstream with the help of The Minimalists. But how exactly does one get started with minimalism?

    Discover what minimalist living is about in Minimalism, and start changing your life where it matters most: Your mindset. Then, change your home to one that is uncluttered using my PURGE ideology which you will discover in Declutter. Everything you need for a minimal living is right here, but discover the strategies that will help you stick to your minimalist journey in the audiobook Stop Procrastinating.

    Change your mentality, change your environment. In minimalism, everything is intentional and everything works cohesively. The only missing ingredient is your willingness to participate. Are you ready to change your life with minimalism?

    ©2018 Addison Fenn (P)2018 Addison Fenn

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