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    Use these 20 tips and ways to start your journey with minimalism!

    Today, most of us own too much stuff, and most of it we don’t need. The weight and difficulty of owning numerous items weigh us down, and we feel tired of constant cleaning, managing, and organizing. Minimalism is the latest trend, and people now understand that excess consumption leads to fancier technology, faster cars, bigger houses, but it never brings happiness. 

    Minimalists report that it is much easier to own less and organize, and the reward of simple life is never-ending. Many people who rid themselves of excess possessions find that their life is less complicated, less cluttered, more predictable, and more comforting. Decluttering and minimizing your home, office, car, diet, mind, relationships, and other personal belongings bring order and harmony in your life.

    Minimalism isn’t about sacrifice; it is about owning items and stuff that brings true value to your life. Life that allows you to enjoy the things that make you happy will prevent you seek happiness in more and make you grateful for what you have. Starting a minimalist lifestyle is the most amazing thing you can do for yourself and your loved ones. Minimalist living is about finally making the space in your life to become who you truly are.

    You will also get a some bonus tips on how to not get overwhelmed when decluttering your life.

    ©2017 Avery M. Fox (P)2018 Avery M. Fox

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