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    Discover the full richness life has to offer by uncovering the path to a calm, peaceful mind.

    This book is your complete guide on how uncover the full richness life has to offer by increasing your conscious awareness. The key to living a relaxed, content life is in your power.

    The advantages of mindfulness meditation remain numerous. It is not only a fantastic concentration exercise, but the healing effects of mindfulness meditation on stress and anxieties are well-documented. Having been explored extensively through a scientific standpoint, mindfulness meditation is increasingly recognized as particularly effective. It is the predominant meditation prescribed by health services as a treatment for stress and stress-related disorders, as well as anxiety and depression.

    You will benefit and learn:

    • How meditation is used as an effective tool for stress, anxiety, and depression
    • Four simple strategies to manage negative thoughts
    • How to discover ultimate relaxation
    • Top techniques to induce calmness and peace of mind
    • How to embrace a mindful way of being
    • Practical aspects of mindful meditation: postures, duration, clothing, timing
    • Breakdown of various breathing techniques and calming exercises
    • Importance of forming a support group and how to do it
    • Proven strategies to help us become more present
    • In-depth exploration of becoming the impartial observer
    • Simple self-reflection techniques to increase mindfulness
    • How to bring your meditation practice to the next level
    • Context, philosophy, and other ideologies regarding mindfulness meditation
    • How to bring mindfulness into every aspect of your life
    • The secret to fully experiencing every moment and discovering the richness of life
    • And much more!

    Live the life of peace, fulfilment, and happiness that you deserve.

    ©2015 Brittany Hallison (P)2015 Brittany Hallison

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