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    Do you feel like pulling your hair out at the end of each day?

    Do you often anxious and unable to concentrate?

    It’s time to learn about the power of mindfulness

    Nowadays, we are bombarded with stress at every turn. It can have such an adverse affect on your life and your relationships. But the good news is…

    Mindfulness is one of the best techniques to decrease stress and anxiety.

    You are about to discover an easy, straightforward plan to help you rediscover inner peace, helping you reclaim the joy in your life YOU deserve!

    In this powerful new audiobook, you’ll discover:

    • Thirty-two simple mindfulness exercises that you can practice virtually anywhere at any time
    • Effective strategies to minimize stress and bring you to a state of instant relaxation
    • Proven techniques to eliminate anxiety and quickly regain rational thinking
    • Powerful quotes to keep you inspired and motivated
    • And much more

    The benefits of mindfulness are far-reaching and can significantly increase your quality of life!

    Loaded with 32 proven mindfulness exercises to select from, Mindfulness for Beginners provides a bounty of fun and fresh exercises for you to enjoy practically anywhere at any time!

    If you are ready to say goodbye to stress and anxiety, mindfulness is your solution.

    Grab your copy today and rediscover your love of life!

    ©2017 Beatrice Anahata (P)2018 Omid Kazravan

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