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    Beschreibung von Audible

    P. J. Ochlan vividly and brilliantly performs Cordelia Strube's eclectic cast of patched-together caricatures driving the messy, screwball plot of well-meaning Canadian Milo Krupi's failure of a life. Ochlan excels at the many accents in Strube's modern, multicultural and motley crew, including Cuban roommate Pablo with his endless, humorously hackneyed, spiritual and romantic advice, and the over-the-top Englishness of friend Wallace's mother Vera.

    From hippie painter and avant-garde director to HR professional and dissolute First Nations youths, Ochlan's wide range and snappy pace perfectly captures the madcap levity of the characters who rise above their ugly world of perpetual disappointment in uplifting dark comedy Milosz.


    Things aren't going Milo's way. His acting career is floundering, he got dumped, his miserable father vanished, and people keep moving into his house. He finally decides to take action - to help the only person he really likes, the autistic boy next door who's being bullied. But, well, that doesn't really go his way either.

    ©2012 Cordelia Strube (P)2013 Audible, Inc.

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