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    Have you ever failed? Hit a roadblock that felt impossible at the time? As someone asking friends and family to believe in you while you try to build a business, have you ever felt overwhelmed or embarrassed, almost too scared to go forward but too ashamed to quit?

    Learn how these author-entrepreneurs hit a wall, pivoted, built even stronger businesses, and now each has a million-dollar story, making a difference and changing lives. Best of all, they’ll tell you how you can pivot and profit, too, whether that’s through growing and monetizing Facebook groups, building and monetizing a podcast audience, being a military spouse who raises a strong family even during repeated deployments, creating your own TV channel, or some other approach!

    In an era where the cycle of "strong economy" to "crashed economy", whether local or global, seems to be recurring with increasing frequency, discover how you can recession-proof your mindset, your skillset, and your business to write your own million-dollar story despite external forces.

    ©2020 Wolf Tide Publishing (P)2020 Jamie Wolf

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