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    "You here for the Midnight Coven?"

    Icy words, whispered upon her lips in the night, used to scare Lorelei Huntington. But that was before. Before her mother tried to have her killed, before her world went back 50 years, before the magic of the swamp found its way into Lorelei's blood. Now she finds the whispers and the cold breath of the dead a comfort. That is until she's warned, by a small ghost haunting Whit's family's castle, about the secrets of the bloodthirsty family she resides with. The family the little ghost belongs to. Whit's family, it seems, are not all they appear to be.

    When Lorelei discovers the Midnight Coven and exactly who Whit's family really is, she is forced to choose between running and becoming something she can't even fathom - a Rose. Fortunately Lorri, the leader of the Devil's Roses, has a way with words - mean ones. With the help of Dorian, Marcus, and of course Henry, Lorelei turns the tables on Whit's resourceful family. This time it's them running and her chasing - bringing the biggest monsters she can muster. But survival comes at a cost, one she isn't sure she is willing to pay.

    Don't miss this sexy Devil's Roses novel!

    ©2014 Tara Brown (P)2015 Audible, Inc.

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