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Mercy of the Iron Scepter

Stele Prophecy Pentalogy
Sprecher: Jason Huggins
Spieldauer: 11 Std. und 45 Min.

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Kalem, an archeologist, lives between two apocalyptic events. Although unwittingly, he finds himself unraveling two opposing prophecies through unearthed steles he finds. He believes his older brother, labeled rebellious, was taken by the king, never to return, because he discovered evidence which put the king in a bad light. Now older, Kalem believes he has found evidence on these unearthed steles proving his brother’s findings about the king were correct. This prophecy tells of a coming Overtaker who will oust the current king and bring everyone total freedom. 

Kalem becomes close to the woman who is supposedly the key to fulfilling this stele prophecy. Yet, she believes in the current king and puts Kalem down an alternative view to the coming apocalypse. This other prophecy states the current king is the rightful ruler who will bring the world into an even better future. Can Kalem exonerate his brother and bring the justice he had always dreamed of? Or will he find his life is being manipulated to prevent the true prophecy from being fulfilled? Unfortunately, he finds deception in places he never would have suspected.

©2019 Randy C. Dockens (P)2019 Randy C. Dockens


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