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Mental Toughness Mastery - Spartan Self Discipline and Intermittent Fasting

This boxed set includes two powerful manuscripts on how to use the power of self-discipline and intermittent fasting to transform your life with mental toughness mastery.  

Self Discipline: The Spartan and Special Operations Way To Mastering Yourself  

You will learn lessons in self-discipline from the masters of self-discipline. The Spartans and the Special Operations community is the heart and soul of discipline. The Spartans don't exist anymore but they left a legacy that still lives on today. The warrior tradition of the Spartans was built on a foundation of immense self-discipline. The modern Special Operations Units carry on similar traditions of extreme self-discipline. Today you can use these lessons in your life to carve out any future you want.  

Intermittent Fasting: The Spartan Approach to Diet, Fat Loss, and Health

Find out why you should start intermittent fasting today! 

Learn the Spartan approach to an ancient way of staying healthy and living longer. 

You will learn the Spartan approach to intermittent fasting, and how you can implement this into your life. If you want to transform your health and overall quality of life, then intermittent fasting is something that will help you reach that goal. 

This book will help you build the mental toughness that will transform your life, success, and overall health. 

Start your transformation today!  

©2018 Ryan Hunt (P)2018 Ryan Hunt

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