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    Do you control your emotions every day? Nobody does. That’s why this guide contains secret ways to help you become better at it. A list of 50 ideas will give you plenty of opportunity to reflect on some habits you have developed, and how to turn some of them around.  

    Do you ever make excuses? Most people do. And it stops their progress. The best way to become your better self is to confront yourself and face the excuses you’ve been telling yourself. It’s not easy, and many people avoid it because it hurts their ego, but if you do, you’ll be better off in the end. That’s why there is a list of 50 excuses in here that are common, along with the way to fight the lies. 

    Last but not least, this guide will show you methods to develop more self-discipline. The concept itself will be discussed, as well as how to get more control over bodily urges and destructive thoughts that enter your mind. 

    Be your best self by learning about yourself from this book. Get it now! 

    ©2020 Judie Hassler (P)2020 Judie Hassler

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