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    Do you want to cultivate a regular meditation practice but struggle with staying present and focused?

    This collection of guided meditations is designed to reduce your stress and anxiety, promote emotional wellness, support whole-being health - and help you overcome those obstacles presented by your beautifully active mind. Learn to manage distractions, find stillness, and thrive in your practice.

    When you meditate, does your mind jump around like an energetic little monkey? Do your thoughts appear in rapid fire? Does your body fidget instead of relaxing into stillness? You aren't alone. 

    The guided meditations on this audio download are tailored for those of us who have very active minds, who are often distracted, who would benefit from gentle encouragement during their practice. Meditations to Stay Focused will give you the tools for cultivating mindfulness, concentration, and relaxation. And, it will set you up for success not only in your meditation practice but also in your daily life, so you can be fully present with your family, at work, and at play.

    Experience many of our most celebrated teachers, including Kyle Gray, Rebekah Borucki, Spring Washam, Nancy Levin, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Koya Webb, and Matteo Pistono. Collectively, they'll guide you through 14 meditations practices, such as how to release stress with the breath; cultivate awareness with the five senses; sharpen concentration; and develop the power of manifesting. 

    This collection concludes with an encouraging recording from Dr. Wayne W. Dyer that will help you discover your purpose here on Earth. 


    Track Listing:

    Track 1 Introduction 

    Track 2 Rebekah Borucki - Meditation for Connecting to Your Purpose

    Track 3 Nancy Levin - Moving from Vision to Fruition

    Track 4 Spring Washam - Releasing Stress Meditation

    Track 5 Matteo Pistono - Stillness, Movement, Awareness

    Track 6 Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche - Spaciousness of Mind

    Track 7 Koya Webb - Eye and Shoulder Yoga 

    Track 8 Nancy Levin - Sharpening Concentration

    Track 9 Spring Washam - Overcoming Fear of Failure Meditation

    Track 10 Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche - Discover the Power of Manifesting

    Track 11 Rebekah Borucki - Meditation to Become Calm and Clear

    Track 12 Nancy Levin - Five Senses Meditation

    Track 13 Koya Webb - Pranayama

    Track 14 Matteo Pistono - Relaxed & Alert with Breathing Meditation

    Track 15 Wayne Dyer - You Must Write

    ©2020 Hay House (P)2020 Hay House

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