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If you have a calling to write, but you're struggling with writer's block, these guided meditations are for you. Your words will effortlessly flow onto the page in no time with these soothing meditations from Hay House authors and spiritual teachers like Kyle Gray and Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. Learn how to remove your fears and doubts around writing, open to your flow state, unblock stagnant energy, and relax your body and mind. Add these meditations to your writing practice today to help your creative voice flourish. 

Track 1: Introduction
Track 2: Rebekah Borucki: Meditation for Removing Energetic Obstacles
Track 3: Nancy Levin: Overcoming Doubt Meditation
Track 4: Kyle Gray: Sacred Voice Meditation
Track 5: Rebekah Borucki: Meditation for Finding Your Flow
Track 6: Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche: Stillness of Body Meditation
Track 7: Nancy Levin: Dissolving Writer's Block Meditation
Track 8: Koya Webb: Unblocking Your Sacral Chakra Meditation
Track 9: Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche: Discover the Power of Openness Meditation
Track 10: Matteo Pistono: Spacious Outbreath Meditation
Track 11: Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche: Silence of Speech Meditation
Track 12: Koya Webb: Opening Your 3rd Eye for Intuition
Track 13: Matteo Pistono: Walking meditation
Track 14: Bonus Track 1: Wayne Dyer: The Calling to Write
Track 15: Bonus Track 2: Wayne Dyer: Following Your Soul's Path

©2019 Hay House, Inc. (P)2019 Hay House, Inc.

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