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Meditation in the Zone

Autor: Shinzen Young
Sprecher: Shinzen Young
Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 6 Min.

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The "zone" is an altered state of consciousness - a state of perfect focus, relaxation, and peak performance that top athletes enter in their finest moments. For most, being "in the zone" is a rare occurrence, but with the techniques of meditation expert Shinzen Young, you can learn to enter it every time you work out.

Meditation in the Zone teaches you how to combine simple mindfulness practices with your current exercise routine; prepare yourself mentally for a workout; maintain a focused state of awareness during your exercises; connect deeply with your body; and use the "after-energies" of exercise to release mental and emotional tensions.

Includes four complete meditations with step-by-step instructions.

©1996 Shinzen Young (P)1996 Shinzen Young

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