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Discover how to supercharge your well-being with the power of this incredible three-in-one book bundle!

Do you want to improve your spiritual, emotional, and psychological health? Looking for an in-depth exploration of meditation, Buddhism, and the chakras? Then this is the bundle for you!

Inside this profound and comprehensive collection, you’ll uncover three books on how you can improve your well-being, form a better connection with your inner self, and experience the benefits of being in-tune with the universe. Covering chakras, meditation, and the secrets of Buddhism, this bundle is your ticket to a new and improved life. 

Inside book one, you’ll discover:

  • A History and Exploration of Meditation
  • Why Meditation Is More Than Simple Relaxation
  • How to Pick the Right Kind of Meditation for You
  • Understanding Zen, Mindfulness, Vipassana, Kundalini, and Much More
  • How to Practice Transcendental Meditation, Walking Meditation, and Ho'oponopono
  • 7 Days to Meditation - A Beginner’s Guide
  • And More!

In book two, you’ll find:

  • Why the Chakras Are So Important to Wellbeing
  • Strategies for Opening, Healing, and Aligning Your Chakras
  • Working with Chakras to Supercharge Your Spiritual Health
  • Tips for Healing Damaged Chakras
  • And Powerful Ways to Energize Your Chakras

And in book three, you’ll uncover:

  • An Introduction to the Story of Buddhism
  • A Breakdown of Buddhist Philosophy and Schools
  • Understanding Karma, Suffering, Samsara and Nirvana
  • The Secrets of the Four Noble Truths
  • How You Can Begin Practicing Buddhist Meditation
  • A Beginner’s Introduction to Yoga and Its Benefits
  • And So Much More!

So if you’re looking for a practical, powerful, and profound collection on spiritual enlightenment and achieving inner peace, then this is for you! Learn how you can open and align your chakras, experience the healing benefits of meditation, and unlock the secrets of Buddhism today! 

Discover this book to begin your spiritual journey!

©2020 Joy Win (P)2020 Joy Win

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