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    Beginning with a house fire the day after Christmas, through the dark and haunted halls of an old Arkansas mansion, to the exciting end in a deadly battle in a dark and dusty Memphis pasture, Me, Boo and the Goob: A Southern Adventure is the hilarious story of three boys struggling to make sense of the adult world. 

    Filled with only the purest of ambitions, the boys careen from mishap to mishap in a story that is as endearing as it is funny. Built on the innocence of childhood, the unshakable trust of true friendship, and courage born of naivety, optimism, and good intentions, the boys hunt ghosts, avoid military school, survive a tornado, learn to fish, capture a bank robber, and become best friends with one of America’s favorite sons.

    A tale that will have you smiling, maybe laughing, every time you see a small boy for days to come, Me, Boo and the Goob is a pause resister that you will listen to twice just to laugh again.

    ©2016 William L. Garner (P)2020 William L Garner

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