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    I’ve never been so scared in my life. Even managing to escape somehow lands me in more danger and in a stranger place than I ever knew existed.

    Yacht party. Sounds good right?

    Nobody told me that Pirates were a possibility.

    Nobody warned me that even my saviors could be more dangerous than my captors.

    But dangerous in a different way.

    Like, not in a life-threatening way.

    But, in a way that threatens my understanding of what is real or even possible.

    I feel a strong attraction to each of my rescuers like I never have before.

    I only wish I knew who I would choose if I had to.

    And that’s the thing, I’m not totally sure they’re expecting me to choose, or if they even want me to.

    After going through what I just did. Losing any of them would be more than I could live with.

    ©2019 Starchild Universal Publishers Inc. (P)2019 Starchild Universal Publishers Inc.

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