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    This audio is a compilation of six legendary speakers. Upon its release, it was one of the top-selling audios in the United States. The popularity of this product is a testimony to the skill, style, and uniqueness of these speakers, each of whom was a major contributor to the early success of the National Speakers Association.

    The speakers include:

    • Cavett Robert, who is believed by many to be the founder of the modern professional speaking industry. He is the founder of the National Speakers Association, and their annual award is named in his honor (The Cavett Award).
    • Bill Gove, who was one of the most respected talents on the platform, who aided scores of speakers to get their start in the profession. He was the first president of the National Speakers Association and was inducted into the International Speakers Hall of Fame. 
    • Dave Yoho, who has been described as a bottomless well of energy, distilling an unlimited number of ideas for personal growth. He founded his own company at 28 and built it into a $60 million conglomerate within seven years. He’s appeared on most major networks and TV talk shows and been recorded by Columbia and RCA records. 
    • Og Mandino, who has affected millions of lives through his writings and speeches. His first 10 books sold more than 10 million copies and were translated into 17 different languages. He is the recipient of the Napoleon Hill Gold Medal for Literary Achievement. 
    • Dr. Charles Jarvis, who transformed himself from a dentist to someone who is widely acknowledged as one of the funniest people they’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing speak. At his peak, he was making well over 150 speeches per year balancing his unique humor an important message.
    • Alan Cimberg, who conducted over 2,500 sales training sessions throughout the world. His meteoric rise from a sales trainee to a national sales manager for one of the largest companies in the United States is a testament to his will and desire. He becomes actively involved with his audience - verbally, physically, and mentally.

    You will hear these six Masters of Motivation in their original unedited state, and you will have the opportunity to listen to a special bonus audio by Dave Yoho called “Creating A Motivational Environment”.

    ©1985 Dave Yoho (P)1985 Dave Yoho

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