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    Mastering Business Negotiation is a great resource for any leader or manager who needs practical strategies and ideas when conducting business negotiations. Grounded in solid research, the authors - experts in the field of business negotiation - reduce the huge volume of available information into an important audio for busy executives who need to prepare for everyday negotiations as well as for more demanding and complex negotiation situations.

    Mastering Business Negotiation offers down-to-earth advice for learning to play the negotiation game and shows how to:

    • Understand the game so you can better control what happens
    • Predict the sequence of negotiation activities and move from disagreement toward agreement
    • Identify the strategies and tactics of other players in the game
    • Apply the rules of the game - the "dos and don'ts" that will ultimately lead to success

    No matter what you call negotiation - bargaining, haggling, horse trading, or managing differences - the basic skills and techniques of the master negotiator outlined in this book are essential for resolving conflicts, handling difficult conversations, protecting oneself against a competitive adversary, or negotiating a good business deal. The techniques and suggestions outlined can also be used for more informal day-to-day negotiations on the job such as selling, buying, and team building.

    ©2006 Roy J. Lewicki and Alexander Hiam (P)2017 Gildan Media LLC

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