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    Imagine how rich life would be if you felt mentally clear, emotionally balanced, and spiritually inspired every day. How much good could you do if your body always felt strong? Where would you travel or who would you help if you had plenty of money? How grounded would you be if you had a conflict-free partner relationship that nourished you? 

    Carol Tuttle, best-selling author of Remembering Wholeness, has found that a truly affluent life is rich in six areas: spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, financial, and in relationships. In her newest book, Mastering Affluence, she guides listeners through six simple lessons (one for each area) to clear away longstanding patterns of struggle and replace them with ease and joy. Mastering Affluence doesn't just help its listeners feel optimistic about having a better life. It guides them through a personal process to actively create one. Listeners who follow Carol Tuttle's six lessons and complete the activities throughout will come to the end of this audiobook with their lives changed.

    ©2018 Carol Tuttle (P)2018 Carol Tuttle

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