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    Get the advantage - mental strategies for acing tennis.

    Get your head in the game. Master Your Tennis Game serves up quick mental techniques, tactics, and tips for boosting your overall performance and beating your opponents. Train your brain and be the best tennis player you can be.

    Concise, fun, and easy to listen to, this book offers 50 practical and actionable methods that show you how to stay calm and concentrate during any tennis game. Even if your rival is tough competition, outsmart them with these targeted mental approaches.

    Master Your Tennis Game includes:

    • Streamlined strategies - From choosing your mood music to analyzing your opponent’s play style, apply these easy-to-understand tactics to your tennis game right away.
    • Overpower any opponent - Find techniques for beating common play styles, including aggressive baseliner, left-hander, and more.
    • Popular player profiles - From Serena Williams to Roger Federer, learn all about your favorite tennis pros (and their strategies, too!).

    The ball is in your court. Focus your mind and win the match with these highly effective mental strategies for honing your tennis skills. 

    ©2019 Rockridge Press (P)2019 Audible, Inc.

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