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Avoid Sloppy Thinking, Do Thorough Analysis, Improve Your Logic and Arguments, and Make Smarter Decisions

If you've often struggled in developing deeper thinking and analytical skills; if you’re guilty of making decisions based on your gut and regretted later; if you have always wondered if there is some easy to learn step-by-step framework to master critical thinking, then keep reading!

Yes, you are about to uncover the secrets of how intelligent thinkers develop this important cognitive skills called critical thinking.

Presenting Master Critical Thinking, a complete recipe revealing all the major ingredients to master critical thinking: avoiding committing mistakes, improving problem-solving skills, and thus making effective decisions.

In Master Critical Thinking, you’ll learn:

  • Why you always had tough time with critical thinking
  • How to master logical fallacies to avoid making wrong arguments and thus bad decisions
  • How to approach problems with scientific approach through multilevel perspective
  • The three-step formula to develop open-minded thinking
  • The art of childlike curiosity through a six-step process of cultivating curiosity - a sine qua non for critical thinking
  • Six quick tips to not get derailed by your touchy-feely emotions and rather make logical arguments
  • Why and how you should go beneath the surface level of every problem before jumping to any conclusions
  • How to stop and take time to reflect on plethora of information to improve your decision-making skills
  • How to overcome negative self-talk and beat the negative thoughts
  • How to improve your listening skills that will help you to get problems solved faster.
  • And many more effective critical thinking tips and tactics

You’ll find many critical thinking books for adults out there, but this book focuses on simplicity and a step-by-step approach to learn critical thinking skills and put your brain on fire.

Whether you’re a rational male or an emotional female or vice versa, the self-learning approach of this book will equip you with a right framework and effective system. Thinking critically is a lifelong skill that will help you become an intelligent thinker and smart decision-maker.

If you want to master critical thinking in easy to understand way, you’ll find this short book filled with a step-by-step process to learn and implement all the elements of critical thinking.

Don't do any more shallow thinking. Become an intelligent thinker.

©2019 Henrik Rodgers (P)2019 Henrik Rodgers

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