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    Marty Mann The first woman to get sober in Alcoholics Anonymous tells her story in a 1968 talk at San Francisco, CA. This is the best example of Marty Mann recovery story I have heard. The sound quality is very good, which is unusual for a 1968 AA recording. Great audiobook about recovery - historic and enjoyable.

    Marty was the first woman to achieve lasting sobriety in AA, founder of National Council on Alcoholism, author of at least two books on alcoholism, author of AA's The Big Book story "Women Suffer, Too", and co-founder of The AA Grapevine.

    This recording is nearly 80 minutes long. In it, she tells her story in considerable detail and talks about living life as a sober alcoholic. Her story is inspiring, and her sharing is very informative. She is a recognized expert on alcoholism, but she knew a lot about sobriety also.

    During the last part of this recording, she talks about sobriety - her own and that of the countless other alcoholics her fruitful life was intertwined with. She knew Bill and Lois Wilson well and is universally considered an AA pioneer. One of her best talks, this is an excellent opportunity to learn more about Alcoholism, sobriety, AA history, and this remarkable woman.

    ©2020 Thomas Laperriere (P)2020 Thomas Laperriere

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