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    If you want to understand how to dominate dark psychology, influence and analyze people, how to use mind manipulation, then keep reading....

    This collection includes:

    Dark Psychology Secrets
    Dark psychology is the study of the human condition and its connection to the psychological nature of people who target other people and prey on them for control.

    Subliminal Psychology
    You will learn tried-and-tested techniques that involve the use of subliminal psychology and neuro-linguistic programming to get people to do what you want without them ever realizing that they are being influenced.

    How to Analyze People
    You will get awareness regards to people’s thoughts and knowledge which can improve your life and help you live in accordance with your highest self.

    Reading Body Language
    This is the perfect time to employ your skills in reading and exhibiting body language.

    Mind Manipulation
    You will learn the main techniques that manipulative people use to control their targets and to get them to do whatever they want. All the main tricks that narcissist, Machiavellians, sadistic people, sociopaths, and even psychopaths use to keep others under their thumb will be revealed to you.

    Mental Models
    The mental models is an interesting yet complicated subject to dive in. Mental models also influence communication which is an essential part of human living.

    Even if you are a beginner, with this book you'll have everything you need to master the manipulation techniques!

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