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Manipulation: How to Secretly Manipulate People

Discover How to Manipulate, Persuade, and Influence Anyone, Taking Advantage of Human Psychology
Autor: Leonard Moore
Sprecher: Gene Blake
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 50 Min.

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Do you want to get people to agree with you whenever you want? Would you like to know how influence other people's thoughts and make them do what you desire? Then mastering the art of manipulation is for you.

Manipulation is a practice whereby you look into someone's natural psychological tendencies and use them to help you get your way. You learn how to understand what people want and need, and what drives them to make decisions. Then, you tailor your pitch or offer to get them to agree with you and give you what you want, while making it look like they were getting what they want! Ultimately, you lead the conversation by making it look like they are. In this audiobook, you are going to learn exactly how to do this.

In this manual you'll learn:

  • How to analyze, manipulate, and persuade people while staying secret about it all
  • The three most important steps of manipulation (almost everybody gets these wrong)
  • How to read body language, facial expressions, and verbal and non-verbal clues
  • How to make others do what you want by first encouraging them to say no
  • Practical examples that will step up your manipulation skills
  • Powerful ways manipulate others with your body language
  • How to use logic and emotions to control other people's thinking
  • Secret techniques to protect yourself from getting caught
  • How to overcome people's trust issues and sneak into the subconscious

In a time where everyone is fighting to get to the top, you need a little more than great skills and a good personality to get there. Instead, you need to know how to successfully manipulate anyone so that you can "earn" your position at the top and keep it. If you are ready to start getting your way and experiencing far more joy and success in your life, this is the exact audiobook for you.

©2017 Leonard Moore (P)2018 Leonard Moore


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