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    Fall in love with a brand-new set of books from the author of the best-selling Psychic Surveys and This Haunted World series.

    There is a doll. There is a legend...

    When museum curator Annie Hawkins walks into a diner in Idaho Falls, seeking the help of 22-year-old Shady Groves with an old broken doll named Mandy, life takes a dramatic turn for both of them. Psychometry is the ability to sense or read the history of an object just by touching it, and Annie has heard Shady has this psychic ability.

    Mandy may look harmless, but Annie believes she’s possessed and, after handling her, Shady can only agree. She feels tainted by the doll that now invades her thoughts and dreams, terrifying her. There’s only one solution: to understand the doll, her history, what has possessed her, and why. Knowledge is power, Annie tells Shady. It’s protection.

    The pair set off on a road trip - along with Shady’s old high school friend Ray - one that will take them from Idaho into the depths of Canada, desperate to trace Mandy’s past, to find out something, anything, about the demonic doll that accompanies them in the trunk of the car.

    The truth, when it comes, is far deadlier than any of them could have realized.

    ©2020 Shani Struthers (P)2020 Shani Struthers

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