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Retrieve Jensen was desperate. He was working himself into the ground seven days a week to try to save his family’s legacy - their cattle ranch in Montana. But one day he wondered who the heck he was doing all this backbreaking labor for, when he didn’t have a child and there wasn’t a prospect for marriage in sight. He wasn’t looking for true love - didn’t believe in it anyway. He wanted more of a partner - someone who could at least ride if not rope, who wanted children, and who knew how to cook and clean.

When Jayne Clarkson’s friend laid the classified ad on her desk, while making a sarcastic comment about the intelligence of its writer, instead of being repelled, Jayne found herself intrigued by someone who would call himself a “no nonsense” man.

While her horrified friends watched what they were sure was going to be a train wreck, Jayne contacted Trieve and ended up spending a month with him in Montana.

Sparks flew between the two of them immediately, and although they were dynamite in bed - and he had proven to be even more “no nonsense” than she thought she could handle and he’d given her more than her first spanking over those four fantastic weeks - they both knew that she wasn’t really what he was looking for.

Or was she?

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