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    What's Reiki?

    You've just been asked this question, and your mouth goes dry as you fumble for the words to explain and sound like a person grounded in reality.

    Let's face it. Depending on the words you choose, you may be instantly labeled as: 

    • A granola-munching, tie-die wearing new age hippy 
    • A religious extremist 
    • Someone trying to sell snake oil 
    • A meek and confused person 
    • Someone who sees dead people 
    • A delusional nut 
    • And so forth...

    This audiobook gives you the chance to explore the ways to talk about this powerful, sacred work for what it is, without tripping on your tongue or freaking people out. Most importantly, no one will judge you as above, but rather will get just enough clear information to decide if they want to hear more.

    Reiki: You practice it, benefit from it, love it. You represent Reiki practitioners to the world. Now, learn to discuss it in a rational way. Together, we can help people understand that it is real, not scary, and good for us all. 

    Even if you don't practice Reiki, you'll learn ways to explain spiritual work that you can apply to whatever you do in the world.

    ©2020 Dr. Alice Langholt (P)2020 Dr. Alice Langholt

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