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    Most option trading books are packed with complex charts and indicators, offer competing strategies, and focus on making money at the expense of protecting your money. Designed for beginner traders, Make Money Trading Options takes a different approach. Writing in clear straightforward language, MarketWatch columnist Michael Sincere shares his expertise and battle-tested strategies for building wealth in the options market, while reducing risk at the same time. He walks you step-by-step through the processes of: implementing short-term trading strategies buying calls and puts; finding winning stocks using proprietary test trading strategies; identifying the most profitable market environments; entering and exiting option positions at precisely the right time; determining ideal setups and positions; protecting your money in both bull and bear markets - and knowing when not to trade; detecting new and important buy and sell signals; and learning new ways to view and trade the stock market.

    An expert who has appeared frequently on CNBC and other media outlets, Sincere is uniquely positioned to get you started on the path to profit - providing ideas and principles to help you avoid bad bets and create an investing plan geared toward protecting your assets.

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