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At the center of each of the four great Shakespearean tragedies - Hamlet, Macbeth, King Lear, and Othello - is a powerful figure who is led to destruction by a fatal character flaw. In the case of Macbeth it is ambition. Initially a valiant warrior and staunch servant of his regal overlord Duncan, Macbeth succumbs to the lure of absolute political domination, which leads to murder, revolt, and comprehensive defeat.

Many scholars agree that Macbeth, which was first published in the First Folio of 1623, was probably written about 1606. It was intended to be highly laudatory to the recently crowned King James I, whose accession united the crowns of England and Scotland and who was considered to be a distant descendent of Banquo. The play also relates a number of contemporary issues, including witch trials and demonology, a subject in which King James had a great interest, and the Gunpowder plot of 1605.


Duncan, The Porter, Second Murderer, and Doctor - Phil Benson
Malcolm - Jeff Moon
Donalbain and Servant - Maureen Boutilier
Macbeth - Bob Neufeld
Third Witch and Lady Macbeth - Linda Barrans
Banquo and the Apparitions - Denis Daly
Sergeant and MacDuff - Brett Downey
First Witch and Lady MacDuff - Cate Barratt
Second Witch, MacDuff's Son and Gentlewoman - Libby Stephenson
Lennox - Alan Weyman
Ross and Menteith - Marty Krzy
Angus, Third Murderer, a Lord, and Seyton - Andrew Coleman
First Murderer, Caithness, and Soldier - Victor Bazarov
Old Man and Siward - John Burlinson
Fleance and Young Siward - Becca Maggie
Messenger - Michele Eaton
Stage directions read by Denis Daly

Public Domain (P)2016 The Online Stage

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