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    Doing an MBA is an expensive proposition in today's world. According to the author, every elite institution offers outdated assembly-line education regarding profit-loss statements and PowerPoint presentations. After two years of poring over sanitized case studies, students are shuffled out into middle management to find out for themselves how business really works. Best-selling business author Josh Kaufman has made a living out of distilling the core principles of business and delivering them quickly and concisely to people at all stages of their careers as an alternate to pursuing expensive and cumbersome business degrees.

    According to the author, not going to an MBA institution and listening to this book can not only help the listener save money but also help them understand the core fundamentals of business on the listener's own terms. In this book, the author shares the essentials of sales, marketing, negotiation, strategy and much more. Going to a business school doesn't make one a business leader, but actively seeking out knowledge, developing one's abilities and accruing varying experiences does.

    Listen to this book and in one week you will learn principles it takes most people a lifetime to master. Learn business on your own terms and be successful.

    Please note: This audiobook is in Hindi.

    ©2010 Original content copyright Worldly Wisdom Ventures LLC; Hindi translation copyright 2018, Manjul Publishing House Pvt. Ltd. (P)2019 Audible, Inc.

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