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    Success doesn't always solve a man's problems.....

    You'd think a man in Frank Parker's position would be riding high, but the fame from the Latham Case has turned to notoriety. The TCPD won't be stalled in its quest for answers, IA's shadow seems closer than ever, and no one can be sure when the Loonies will chase down him or his family. 

    When Katsaros hires him out for another "missing person", he worries it'll be Lenny Marquez all over again. However, every case is different, and he soon realizes this young man needs his help.

    As he peels back the layers of this case, he begins to fear this investigation may put him on a collision course with one of the most powerful men in the city. But he'd better hurry, because a mysterious hitman has Frank in his sights, bringing the past into focus and forcing Frank to confront a horrible possibility about Rick's murder.

    Can Frank save this kid with the weight of his past bearing down on him? What of this mysterious new hitman and his agenda? And, how will he ever save his daughter who keeps slipping farther and farther from his grip?

    Get this cyberpunk noir and find out!

    ©2019 T. Allen Diaz (P)2020 T. Allen Diaz

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