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Lovelorn: Unhappy because of unrequited love. 

Micah Watson is lonely. He spends his days writing books, delivering pizza, and searching for love. When he meets Mackenzie McKee at a diner, he instantly falls in love with her. He molds himself into the perfect man for her. But she rejects him - again and again. Tired of the pain and loneliness, Micah finds comfort in an online community full of misogynists.... 

On the internet, surrounded by anonymous provocateurs, Micah is transformed into a hateful, sadistic misogynist. And he plans on exacting his revenge on everyone who ever hurt him. 

Jon Athan, the author behind Lovesick and Maneater, dives into the disturbed mind of a lovelorn man in this extreme horror story about loneliness and rejection, entitlement and vengeance, and love and hatred. 

Warning: This novel contains graphic content. Listener discretion is advised.

©2020 Jonathan Sixtos (P)2020 Jonathan Sixtos

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