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    If you love a good mystery, or a mystery about lovers, you'll adore this all-new collection of 14 seductively sinister tales:

    Carolyn Hart offers a homespun tale of the World War II home front, as a small-town family squabble breaks wide open over a theft, and the suspect's sweetheart is the only one who believes him.

    Gar Anthony Haywood exposes a wealthy widow who thinks life after (her husband's) death is simply heavenly, only to discover that when you marry for money, there's hell to pay.

    Nancy Pickard tells a tale of two lovers at the end of their relationship who warily witness a lonely woman trying to tie things up-before her own untimely end.

    Peter Robinson probes a dying man's memories of the Paris riots of 1968, when his obsession with a woman led him to the brink of madness, and into the heart of murder.

    Also featuring stories from Dorothy Cannell, Eve Sandstrom, M.D. Lake, Ed Gorman, Jean Hager, Margaret Maron, Robert J. Randisi and Christine Matthews, Susan Dunlap, Kathy Hogan Trocheck, and Marilyn Wallace.

    ©2001 Carolyn G. Hart (P)2001 Books on Tape, Inc.


    "A strong anthology by veteran authors." ( Publishers Weekly)

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