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    There is only one rule in hell: No one returns from the Rogue Arena.

    After fighting in the witches’ dark tournament and being condemned to death, Drake manages to flee the castle with Stella - but they are far from freedom. Now, they must return to Earth before it’s too late, and Stella has a plan. Accomplishing it won’t be easy, though.

    In a journey plagued with dangers and bizarre creatures, Drake and Stella will venture through the darkest side of hell, finding themselves in the heart of the Rogue Arena. A magical game held by a charming, yet evil prince. Except, this time, their souls are at stake. One wrong move, and they will lose everything they have fought for.

    Drake will risk everything to finally save Stella…even if it means being trapped in the Rogue Arena forever.

    Lost Paradise - Rogue Arena is the highly anticipated second book in the Infernal Odyssey series. A heart-pounding tale full of supernatural adventure, love, and mind-blowing twists you will never guess. Get ready, because this audiobook will knock your socks off!

    ©2021 Elisa S. Amore (P)2022 Elisa S. Amore

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