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London: Top 21 Things to Do in London

Autor: J.R. Bradshaw
Sprecher: Andy Cresswell
Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 9 Min.

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Discover the top 21 things you must do when visiting London.  

Fact: London is an amazing world-class city. However, in such a large metropolis it can be difficult to decide on exactly what to do and what to see.  

Find out exactly what you need to put on your itinerary for your upcoming London trip to make the most out of your vacation.  

If you have traveled to Europe before then you know how difficult it can be to plan out your trip with so much history and so much to do.  

So how do you cut through all the noise and decide on exactly what to see and experience on your London excursion? Years can fly by in the blink of an eye and if you make it back to London it might not be for five, 10, even 15 years, so it is crucially important that you make the most of your trip.  

The good news: In this guide I have partnered with a native Londoner who has traveled all around the world and spent decades living in the city. We spent hours upon hours deciding on only the top 21 things that someone looking to make the most out of their time in London must do.  

The 21 things in this audiobook cover everything from entertainment to tours, to history and more. By the end of this audiobook you will have the “upper hand” when it comes to experiencing everything London has to offer. You will leave your London experience completely fulfilled that you did not miss anything and will have many amazing stories to tell your friends and family.  

If you want to know the absolutely best things to do while in London then this guide is for you.  

In this audiobook, I’m going to tell you item by item what you need to do in London, why you need to do it, and other relevant information for your upcoming trip.  

To get started, buy this audiobook and start experiencing this world class city. 

©2018 J.R. Bradshaw (P)2018 J.R. Bradshaw

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