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    Lizards Eat Butterflies unveils David Martin’s deepest passion about how we’re living on this planet and how we could do so much more to improve our experience with a shift in perspective. In a triumph of cutting-edge science, social commentary, and deeply personal life experience, he shows us that, with an alteration in perspective, that which stands in the way of our humanity is an illusion that can be eradicated. 

    Far from being a 12-step program - this is the un-program in 12 sections - Lizards Eat Butterflies deconstructs the myths that trap us into victimhood, isolation, and futility. Having traveled the world for three decades of work and with the worldwide film success of Future Dreaming, along with many lectures and workshops, he weaves the narrative of this book to create a tapestry of provoking, thoughtful, and considered reexaminations of our dominant myths and perspective impairments. Lizards is a practical conversation starter to defuse the explosive challenges of inadequacy, indifference, and apathy.

    ©2020 David E. Martin (P)2020 Waterside Productions, Inc.

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