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    God is not withholding his love from you! He loves you. He really, really loves you. He loves you with a joyful, deep, and everlasting love. Here’s the problem: It’s one thing to talk about father’s love, yet it’s an entirely different thing to live loved - to live daily feeling the sweet and strong embrace of father God’s love.

    Most Christians will tell you that they believe that God loves them. However, when it gets down to it, they have trouble defining what his love looks and feels like. Father’s love is meant to be experienced and enjoyed. I want to help you know this love - the father’s love.

    I want to help you live loved. We are all on a journey to the center of the father heart of God. And everyone has a divine opportunity to know his love. My prayer is that your heart awakens to the father’s love so that you will live loved every single day!

    ©2020 Ryan Bruss (P)2020 Ryan Bruss

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