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    "Little 15. Why does she have to defend her feelings inside? Why pretend she's not had a life? A life of near misses. Now all that she wants is three little wishes." (Depeche Mode)

    Sammie Flowers was a typical 15-year-old who preferred to keep to herself, and for good reason. Starting her fifth school in two years’ time was rough, though understandable. Occurrences forced her parents to uproot from another city and move to places where they were unknown. Ocean High in Santa Barbara was supposed to be another new start for her; however, Sammie makes friends with another who is just like her, named Becca, with the belief the two will be lifelong friends - only to learn Becca had other ideas.

    Sensing future danger for Sammie, a guardian named Brendon Finnegan is sent to the States to protect her, as well as train her to control her temper along with her magic. Not only does a new friendship develop between Sammie and Brendon, secrets about her mother’s past surface, and she learns her place in it. A necklace holds something of value Sammie needs to break a curse her mother was born into; however, she is not the only one who desires the talisman that holds very powerful magic. Is Sammie the prophet to lift the curse? Will Sammie wait until she is 18 to siphon the powers in the necklace, or will she sacrifice herself and all others to lift the curse?

    ©2021 Lorinda Dawn Wosar (P)2021 Lorinda Dawn Wosar

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